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Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! This is the time to finally give you a new post. Today I would like to feature the episode “A horrible mind” as an example of controversial teaching methods and their consequences.

A horrible mind – summary

A much-hated college professor is found strung up a tree, mirroring that of a lynch. Horatio investigates and finds out that the professor taught much about racial and religious hatred, and frequently physically and verbally abused his students as a project, even to the point of stripping down a boy in front of his classmates and tying him to a tree.

Meanwhile, Eric investigates the mysterious drowning of a man inside of his car trunk that rolled down the hill into the lake. Horatio finds out that a student of the professor’s killed him, ridiculing her to the point of her snapping. Eric finds out that the man was reaching into his trunk and fell in, as the trunk door shut and the car rolled down the hill.

A horrible mind – Episode review

“A horrible mind” is an episode showing two completely different cases at once. The case with a corpse in a drowned car is very mysterious and interesting to watch but the Teacher’s death investigated by Horatio steals the show completely. The cruelty of the crime and the not less cruel motive of this murder made my jaw drop and gave much to think about methods used to educate the young generation. I definitely recommend you watching it too.

Issues featured in the episode – A horrible mind

The discussed episode featured some issues fully accurate to current reality such as religious or racial hatred, education, and abuse. I am very glad that a world-famous series showed it in such a straightforward manner giving much to think. Now I would like to discuss those problems in regard to current situations.


I guess it is the most common of current problems. I just can’t get why can’t some people understand that whether you are white, black, Asian or mixed race, you are still a person who thinks and feels the same as the others do. Why can’t we live together in harmony?

Religious hatred

The second and probably equally big trouble of modern world is intolerance between religions. It is visible especially now in times of frequent episodes of terrorism with religious motives. We can’t consider all members of any faith evil just because one in a thousand might be a criminal. One of the possible reasons making e.g. Muslims hated (to which I say a huge NO, btw) is confusing the terms Islam and Islamism. People who confess Islam, Muslims, can but don’t have to be supporters of Islamism, an ideology spreading an idea that Islam should take over every part of people’s lives, not just faith in God.


A topic worth to be discussed because of numerous factors. I think it shouldn’t be the way that only chosen ones to have rights to get the education but the fact is that many areas still don’t have any schools, don’t offer education to female citizens or the education offered it is not affordable for an average or poor person. In many cases, the methods or quality of education leaves much to desire too.


Last but not least, the episode concentrates on abusive treatment directed towards other people. I find it unacceptable to make physical or mental abuse a tool to achieve one’s goals especially in terms of education. Sure, there are cases such as wars which you must describe in strong words but this ain’t giving you rights to harm others with personal mistreating.

Wrap up

Knowing my point of view on the episode and the problems it features, now tell me please what are your opinions on this topic. Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for your opinion and standing up for your race's rights. I am white and accept everyone no matter what colour, religion or nationality they belong to. We all are just people "…then why, why can't we live as one"(quote from the song "Under the same sun" by Scorpions

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