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Welcome to Everything about CSI: Miami

Hey, CSI: Miami Maniacs! Welcome to Everything about CSI: Miami. Thank you for coming to my website. Today I need to introduce myself and the blog’s fundamental purpose to you. As you unquestionably know, I am Joanna from Poland. I am a 23 years old disabled individual from Poland. I’ll exhort you that my diverse side interests are extraordinary action movies, cross stitch, drawing, and music.

Why did I start blogging?

As a matter of first importance

I am an imaginative yet timid individual, so the blog is the most agreeable to demonstrate my abilities without danger of unsafe activities against me. Presently you need to get some information about digital viciousness, isn’t that right? Indeed, it exists and we can see it all over, however, my blog is intended to be a pleasant and quiet place to share our sentiments contemplations and learning about the kick-ass CSI: Miami arrangement. Furthermore, obviously I will be a decent cop here – every single awful comment including hostility, porn or general trolling will go to imprison for spam remarks promptly, so watch your words, please.


Other than loving writing and watching CSI: Miami my purpose behind blogging is to enable individuals to comprehend things better. Trust me, there is nothing more regrettable than to watch a film just to take a look at battle scenes, pretty young ladies (or hunky young men – we are not barred from delight, young ladies), and so forth. Performing artists, directors, scriptwriters and all movie makers all in all continue working for quite a long time or even years to at last give us an artful culmination of cinematography and a majority of us just judge the visual side they can see at first. It can’t be like this. We have to watch movies precisely to locate their internal significance and comprehend the esteem they can bring into our lives.

To wrap things up

Expounding on the best series ever to enable you to comprehend its more profound esteem is only a hell of a good time for me and an opportunity to make new fellowships with alternate fans.

Why CSI: Miami?

It is quite a wide topic but I will try to give you some examples:
  • I love action films
  • CSI franchise is thrilling and worth to recommend
  • It features the great David Caruso
  • Promoted a bunch of very talented young actors, such as Channing Tatum (sic! it was his debut role)
  • The producers did a great job.
  • Features many lifestyle topics other than crime and punishment
  • Brings a deep value to the audience. Of course, if one can dig and recover it from behind of all the eye-catching details.

I do hope you will stay here with me until my last word. And that you will find value in my texts as well. I am going to keep it simple so that CSI newbies can understand even without having watched any episodes. Feel free to come back every week, start or join the existing discussion in the comments. Let’s have some fun!

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