Spotlight on the episode Ashes To Ashes

Hello again, dear CSI: Miami Maniacs! How did you like the post about the previous episode? Today I am coming back to discuss the subsequent one titled “Ashes To Ashes”.

Ashes To Ashes – plot summary

Let’s start with a summary of the plot as quoted from

Father Carlos is found dead in church, shot twice by hunting rifle, amidst signs of worldly living, even condoms, indicating he was with a teenager, and footprints from a skater. Eric Delko feels stuck with another case Horatio investigates, a pregnant woman whose car burned to cinders because of the expensive cognac aboard, possibly a murder staged as an accident or suicide to cover up mother and child’s identity; an identifiable diamond leads to her lover Jeffrey Douglas, without hard proof. Lip – and shoe prints make altar-boy Cameron Medina the prime suspect for the priest murder; he lied about not going there and has access to guns, but also an alibi for the time of the murder; Cameron’s dad Emilio left home after a domestic row and is also found, beaten to death…

Did you like this one as much as I did? I hope so.

Goofs and mistakes in Ashes To Ashes

Now let’s move on to something funny that everybody likes in movies – goofy moments. Even the great CSI: Miami includes errors or some unpublished silly situations on set. Have you ever noticed one of these below?

Character errors

When Dr. Woods is first examining the priest, she does so in her street clothes with only a pair of gloves and no other protective gear, as a blood stain is clearly visible on her upper pants leg. Not only does this mean that Dr. Woods potentially contaminated evidence, it is also an OSHA violation, since a medical examiner would not be examining the body on the scene, nor would they do so without head-to-toe protection, or medical scrubs at the very least, not only to prevent contaminating any potential evidence on the body but also to protect the ME from any pathogens and/or toxic chemicals present.

Factual errors

If the discussion with the priest was during Confession, as it most likely would have been, the priest could not have informed the police or else be defrocked or excommunicated. Confession is and must remain completely secret.

Revealing mistakes

When Horatio starts cutting the charred rubber, the cut is already there. He just inserts the blade into the slit and moves it like he would cut it.


We all seem to know everything about CSI: Miami as its biggest fans. But did you know all the quotes below by heart? (source
  • Megan Donner: This person’s goofy footed. He keeps his right foot on the board, pushes off with his left. That’s not as common. Calleigh Duquesne: And you know this how, Miss Three-Inch Heels?
  • [finding a diamond ring the victim’s stomach contents] Alexx Woods: Looks like she ate about four carats for her last supper.
  • Mr. Jones: You ever seen a gator comin’ toward you in a sewer? Hell, you don’t talk to the som’bitch, you shoot it.
  • Tim Speedle: Last time I was in church was when Kurt Cobain died.

Frankly, I must admit that I only know one by heart, which is the iconic “We never close.” Thank you for being with me until the end again. See you next week.

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