“Breathless” – episode goofs and trivia

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! How have you been? After last week’s very serious topic and a heated discussion on pedophilia, I am coming back with something more entertaining – trivia and goofs included in the episode Breathless.

Breathless – Plot summary

Let’s take some time first to introduce the episode’s summary to those who have never seen or have forgotten it long ago.
  • The naked body of a male stripper who performed during a private party at a Coconut Grove estate is found the next morning in a nearby rose garden, and the CSIs have difficulty determining the cause of death. Meanwhile, Megan investigates the case of a male swimmer who suddenly dropped dead after climbing aboard a boat seven miles out in the Atlantic.

Breathless – Trivia

Did you know that:
  • Ion Overman, Chris Payne Gilbert, Sarah Rafferty, Michael Irby, & Jamie Luner all guest starred on the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation?


Now let me show you some goofy details spotted while watching the episode. I must say that some of them really made me giggle. Do you laugh at movie errors sometimes as well?

Character error

First, some errors related to the film’s characters. Did you notice that:
  • While the diving knife is being tested for blood, the technician touches the eye-dropper to the sample, thus contaminating the rest of the testing solution;
  • One of the suspects is a Third Grade teacher, yet she has the “ABC’s” on her blackboard while students learn the alphabet in Kindergarten, actually?

Factual errors

This is surely my most favorite kind of mistakes in films. Do you also like spotting medical and biological mistakes like the one below?
  • While investigating Noel’s death, they discover a puncture mark from an epinephrine pen, used after an apparent allergic reaction to shellfish after consuming a drink containing pearl dust. Pearls come from oysters and freshwater mussels, which are mollusks, not shellfish.

Revealing mistakes

And, last but not least, a really silly chemical mistake that the crew committed. I guess someone must have taken a nap during this chemistry lesson.
  • While the diving knife is being tested, we see a bottle labeled “Peloxide, h202”. This should be spelled “Peroxide” and the chemical symbol should be the upper case “H2O2”.

Wrap up

Now it is your turn to tell me your opinions. Tell me please if you liked the article. Maybe you know more facts that should be on the list? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via a comment and make sure that you shared the post with friends. See you in a week!

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