Bunk – spotlight on the episode details

Hello, CSI: Miami Maniacs! I am really glad to see you here again. Today let’s focus on some facts about the episode “Bunk”.

Plot summary

As always, I suggest that we start with a short summary of the plot. I hope it will remind you what happened in the episode.  Or will maybe encourage to watch if you didn’t. Who knows?

Horatio mobilizes top-priority after explosive drug-lab releases lethal fumes in one of the houses rented from Dr. James Welmont’s dermatologists’ consortium. The cook messed up designing a new, hence technically under Florida law legal designer drug. The case also rekindles the tragic death of Horatio’s cop brother. Eric investigates the murder of popular rest home-octogenarian Betty Rosen, whose skull was smashed.


There is no good film without any trivia. Did you know the two fun facts listed below?
  • It is revealed that Horatio Caine’s younger brother, Raymond C. Caine, was killed in 1993 at age 24. According to his tombstone, he was born in October 1968 and died in March 1993.
  • Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) and Brendan Fehr (Dan Cooper) starred in the TV-series Roswell (1999) together.


The CSI creators never forget to give us some funny details to notice (or not 😜). I sometimes just roll on the floor of laughing at silly mistakes or hilarious quotes.

Revealing mistakes

  • In the direct sunlight and heat of South Florida, shooting a FLIR on the dark upholstery of a car would be useless to determine if or when a person sat in a particular car seat before leaving, as the sunlight would quickly heat up the inside of a car well above any residual heat a person would leave.
  • The ‘body’ of Betty Rosen is breathing when she is lying on the autopsy table.

Problems highlighted in the episode Bunk

Now to sum everything up I want to to make you aware of the biggest issue shown in this fantastic episode. The problem is the existence of numerous drug-labs producing the illegal substances later spread by the street based dealers. It is very important to raise awareness about drugs which kill loads of people on daily basis.
Only thing I would like to ask you for is to share this article forward in loving memory of all the drug victims and to warn those that can still be in danger. Please, have your eyes wide open and stand up against drug dealing. Even if your phone call to the police rescued just one person, t is something that really matters so never be hesitant.

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