Camp Fear – spotlight on the episode facts

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! A new week means new post of course. This time I would like to discuss the episode titled “Camp Fear” showing us problems regarding parenthood and raising a difficult teen.

Camp Fear – Plot Summary

The CSIs investigate the death of a young model, whose body was found near a juvenile detention camp for girls. Horatio interrogates the camp members and the supervisor, who said he had never seen the girl, Dara, before. Horatio uncovers Dara’s past and finds out that she was a model, pressured by her mother to sleep with agents to gain fame. Dara ran away one night to visit her best friend Julie who was at the camp, but the head of the cabin found her and dragged her outside. Her mother found her missing and drove to the camp, on her way she found Dara walking listlessly by the road. She tried to take her back but Dara refused and ran away into the woods nearby. She tripped and hurt her head. The leeches, smelling the beer on her when it was spilled on her, proceeded to suck her blood. She died of the concussion and bleeding.

Across town, Delko and Speedle probe the bizarre death of a man who was apparently burned from the inside.¬† Delko finds out that the man had been a much-hated member of a speedboat club, and that leads to suspicion¬†– however, it was revealed that the man was stealing high-quality gasoline from other people’s tanks, by siphoning with his mouth and a hose. As a result, his mouth and intestines are full of gas particles and when he answered his cell phone, the static ignited the gasoline and burned him from the inside.

Unfortunately, this is also the episode in which we get to know that Kim Delaney‘s going to leave the cast. It is announced by Horatio receiving Megan‘s resignation letter stating that her comeback to work happened too soon.

My thoughts on the episode Camp Fear

The next interesting CSI: Miami episode I took a great pleasure in watching. As usual, you can find lots of scientific facts and social problems of the modern world. This time the creators decided to feature raising difficult teenage girls as well as consequences of exaggerated ambitions of parents in terms of children’s career.
I am not a parent yet but I think that exaggeration towards any side would never pay off. I am neither a supporter of leaving kids unattended to give them freedom nor of putting naughty kids in army-like places to get rid of the problems. A child is a person to raise not a dog to train the obedience. How many of you would agree with me?
Speaking of freedom, I think a parent should never be too controlling. A child no matter the age needs some time alone with one’s self, moreover, children need to be raised to the ability to make independent choices. Parents who always make choices for their children are bound to raise a dependent adult probably unhappy with those choices. Not to mention abuse caused by that extreme desire to make the children realize ambitions of parents. Any and every kind of abuse is against the law.

Wrap up

Now, having read my point of view on parenting issues and child abuse, tell me your opinions on this very important topic. What are your methods to raise your children to be a happy and independent grown-up person in the future? Did you face the problem of a difficult child, if so, how did you solve it. Let’s exchange the experiences in the comments.
I wish you all the best for your current and future parenting experience which hopefully won’t be time for blood sweat and tears.

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