Spotlight on the episode “Forced entry”

Hello dear CSI: Miami Maniacs! How do you like the cycle about the episodes of your favorite series? I hope it meets your expectations and that you will gladly accept this one focused on the episode “Forced entry”.

Forced entry – the brief plot summary

Forced entry is the 14th episode of the CSI: Miami first season. Here I would like to focus on the plot of this small masterpiece of cinematography.

Cookie-vending kids found the blood trace to Thomas Carpenter’s corpse, bound face-down in his robe on the bed with head – and rectal wounds, but the luxury house and all objects -too valuable for a thief to leave- belonged to other men; he suffocated gagged. Restoring an erased tattoo points to recently released thief Danny Blue, who identifies Tommy, a multiple thief and rapist on record, and admits having visited him, a parole violation, but days before the murder. Benito Ramon is found dead with Michelle Carter in his crematorium, among stolen golden teeth, and there are other corpses in the oven. A VIP-token in a corpse’s hand leads to the exclusive nightclub Canvas, ran by two Puertoricans with a silent partner.

Goofs and Trivia

None of the episodes of CSI: Miami lack of fun facts, mistakes, and much useful knowledge. Here I gathered some of the most important ones found in “Forced entry”.

Science-backedĀ fun facts

First, let’s see the fact that gives us some knowledge about physical properties of the human body, and one related to the legal terms used by the police in both, reality and films.
  • One of the ways to retrieve something stuck in a hand of a dead person is to heat the hand in a microwave.
  • Forced entry – the term meaning to enter one’s property by force with no consent and against their will; might as well refer to a rape.

Revealing mistakes

Now I will show you one noticeable mistake made in this episode. I am really curious if you had detected it before having read this text.


  • At one point there is a detective looking through a large number of tattoo pictures to compare them to one they found. Many of the pictures repeat as he quickly looks through them.

Wrap up

To sum it all up I would like to recommend you watching “Forced entry” for both, discovering the facts I mentioned and having some quality time with your close ones. Also, I would be very pleased if you left me your opinion in the comment and helped to spread the news by sharing the post in social media.

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