Sergeant Frank Tripp

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs. I’ve missed you for all this week a lot. Today I am coming to you with a nice article listing the most interesting fun facts about Frank Tripp. Did you know it all about him?

Personality of Frank Tripp

Let’s begin with his characteristics, somehow similar to mine.
  • He is known for his short-tempered, sarcastic personality. Frank has a quick wit and little patience for stupidity. He is prone to lose his temper when suspects make up dumb answers to simple questions.


A little bit of information about Frank Tripp’s personal life and work-related facts.
  • Frank Tripp is from Texas.
  • In the childhood, he dreamed of being a firefighter but after his leg was shattered in a car accident, he fell in love with crime fiction during his many weeks’ recovery.
  • Tripp joined the police force straight out of school and was later transferred to MDPD’s gang unit before moving to Homicide.
  • He often accompanies Horatio Caine and his team of CSIs to crime scenes, especially those related to dangerous gangsters and criminals, as well as assisting them in serving warrants.
  • Also, has a gruff appreciation for the capabilities and excellent results of the CSIs.
  • Tripp has a good working relationship with all of them, particularly Calleigh.
  • He is divorced and has three kids.
  • Frank often uses sarcasm and doesn’t believe in “modern terms” such as the cougar and the cub.
  • In season six he appears as a sergeant and it’s seen that he has shaved his head. After the Sergeant’s Exam, he was required to spend some time on a patrol rotation but soon returned to plainclothes duty in homicide unit where his new title is given as “MDPD Homicide Detective Sergeant Frank Tripp”.


Last not least, a short note for you about Frank’s interpersonal relationships with the family and coworkers.
  • The only one of Tripp’s relationships mentioned in the show is a marriage to Melissa, with whom he had three children. He divorced her after her alcoholism got out of hand. As their marriage deteriorated, she suspected him of cheating. She hired a detective agency whose sole objective is to tempt men into cheating on their spouses and then report it.
  • When the undercover investigator is murdered, Frank becomes a suspect because the CSIs discover his fingerprints on her hotel room keycard. Eric Delko keeps Tripp’s name quiet until he determines that he is not guilty, but Tripp is hurt by the suspicion nonetheless.
  • It was revealed in the season seven special features that Rex Linn stated:

“Give Frank a girlfriend or at least a dog.”

Wrap up

Another CSI character I do like. What I like about him the most, is his strong personality and sarcastic sense of humor. I can say we both “emit on the same frequency band”. And what can you say about him?

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