Grave young men

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! I’ve missed you a lot lately so let’s get back to our discussions on the episodes. This day’s topic is the twentieth episode titled Grave young men.

Grave young men – summary

I bet that many of us have seen the featured episode multiple times like me. However, for those less lucky ones, I will attach a short summary quoted from IMDb.

“Ex-con Pete Wilton begs Horatio to use the skill that got him arrested to find his missing son Jeff. The knave is found to be a habitual marijuana user and fired over 200 bullets on the yard tree with mates Nick Gordon and Jared Hatch, calling themselves 4.20 boys. Pete forfeits his parole to cover for Jeff, but Horatio and Delko soon discover sinister indications in the boys’ lockers, which turn out sadly prophetic, yet prevent an ultimate tragedy.”

Grave young men – fun facts

Did you know?

  • In stark contrast to his character on Breaking Bad (2008) in which the sight of blood and dead bodies easily unsettles him, Aaron Paul‘s character has no qualms about viewing dead bodies and is even fascinated by them.
  • The coroner woman states that blood transports oxygen to the alveoli in the lungs. Actually, it transports oxygen from the alveoli. A medical examiner would know that.
  • When Horatio is in the morgue ambulance bay just after talking to Ben Gordon he bends down and picks up the cigarette that Ben was supposed to have been smoking and put out, but the cigarette that Horatio picks up has never been lit.

Wrap up

To summarize this short insight into the episode Grave young men I would like to rate it as great. I really enjoyed the engaging plot and outstanding acting abilities of the cast. What is more, in my honest opinion it is great that such tv series features the topic of bored youngsters doing drugs. I do hope such attempts will help prevention in the real world.

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