Spotlight on the episode “Losing face”

 Hello, CSI: Miami Maniacs! It’s high time I came to you with a new article after those amazing guest features submitted by my blogging friends. I do hope you enjoyed them very much. Today I am going to continue with the cycle featuring the episodes and this time I’ll discuss my point of view on the second episode of the first season, Losing Face.

Losing Face – summary of the plot

Look, below there is a short description of the story featured in the episode, as published on IMDb. It presents probably the saddest day of Horatio Caine’s life. Do you find it interesting? Is there any character you find outstanding?
Succesful Colombian importer Aurelio Moreno is found by his wife Julisa Moreno with a ‘necklace bomb’ and a notice pinned on his chest. The bomb squad enters, and loses Al Humphreys, Lieutenant Horatio Caine’s friend and former trainer, when it explodes.
Autopsy shows Aurelio was under chloroform before his neck-lacing. The team not only investigates the ingenious bomb, with a photo cell designed to trigger it when the bomb squad man follows standard disarming procedure, but also the paper – the water mark proves it was imported by Moreno, and used for similar crimes in Bogotá, where the bigamist, who is also under smuggle investigation, had a second wife Lauriana, who is currently in Miami and has incriminating chemical traces on her hands, but those can also come from make-up.
Then a second bomb is found, different but they manage to disarm it; Horatio spots the boy, Conner watching on his bike with a brown paper package and guesses right the kid got that from a stranger.

Losing Face – Author’s Review

Great to see that you’ve reached here. Now I’m going to tell you what is my opinion about the episode and what kind of thoughts did it cause. Let me start by saying that this is one of my favorite episodes. I like the stories related to the bomb explosions which really are a thrilling topic.
Watching this episode with Horatio Caine devastated after the loss of his friend and mentor, Al Humphreys, brought tears to my eyes. This is a terrible feeling to lose someone you’ve loved for years and makes it hard to keep going forward in your life. I know it from my own experience and having lost a couple of close relatives, including the death of my grandpa 2 weeks ago.
I was completely amazed that the situation didn’t bring Horatio down but motivated him to capture the guilty suspect. This attitude makes me consider Horatio a kind of hero. Actually, I think it needs one to be sort of heroic in the profession of a policeman, so it is quite an obvious remark about him. And what is your opinion?

Wrap Up

Now, after you’ve heard about my opinion and thoughts on the topic, please join the discussion in the comments and tell us about yours. Is it an episode you like, why? What are the things that caught your attention? Don’t hesitate to share your view, cause you know that I love to hear from you.

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