Spotlight on Megan Donner

Hello, CSI: Miami Maniacs! Today I’m back to you with the next portion of information about CSI: Miami characters. This time let’s focus on Lieutenant Megan Donner, who appeared in a couple of the first episodes.


Some of the most visible characteristics of Megan Donner. I find her a stylish and beautiful strong woman. I like her for being caring towards the kids that suffered because of the crimes committed against them or relatives.

Megan Donner was the day shift assistant supervisor of the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, under Horatio Caine.

Meg is a tall, slim woman in her early forties with long brown curly hair although, in her last few episodes, it was shown to have been straightened out, and brown eyes. She often wears t-shirts, jackets, and trousers along with boots or shoes. In addition to being right-handed, she also wears a silver watch on her right wrist as well. She is also seen wearing various kinds of necklaces as well and also regularly carries a gun along with an ID badge identifying her as a Miami Dade Police Detective and also a CSI.

Megan is heavily devoted to her job and gets emotional whenever there are cases of missing or dead children involved. She has little or no time for any personal relationships outside the job and regards her relationships with her colleagues to be nothing more than strictly work-related. Unlike the rest of the team who believe on hunches and guts, Megan prefers to rely on physical evidence and findings which she believes is proof of the crime and motive.


Here is some information about Megan’s life and professional career before the series. Do you think she should have quitted the job and disappeared from the series all of a sudden after just ten episodes?

Prior to the series, Megan had served as Horatio’s predecessor as the day shift supervisor, until her husband, Sean was killed in the line of duty. He was trying to talk a man away from jumping off a building, but the man jumped and pulled Sean Donner with him, killing them both. As a result, she took a six-month leave of absence, officially returning to work in the pilot episode, Golden Parachute. Megan returned from a six-month leave of absence and found Horatio Caine in charge of the day shift.

Off-screen, about ten episodes later, Megan left the lab during Camp Fear, having left a note for Horatio that said the work reminded her too much of her husband’s death and requested Horatio not try to contact her. She later appears in season eight. In a flashback, Horatio informs Jesse Cardoza that Megan is out on the field investigating a crime.


Now let’s concentrate on Megan Donner’s relationships with her collaborators. Do you think she should have kept them only professional or maybe make friends with some of these people?

When Megan first returned to the crime lab, colleague and friend Tim Speedle gave her some sympathy. Megan seemed insulted by this quickly pulling away from Tim when he patted her on the shoulder.

Megan had a friendly relationship with then coroner Alexx Woods. She and Alexx were chatty in the autopsy and clearly got along with each other unlike the rest of the team. Her relationship with Eric Delko was rocky, at one point Eric stated:

“Who does she think she is, she can’t just walk back into the lab and take over,”

in which Tim Speedle replied:

“You’re an ass, you know that,”.

Her friendships with superiors Calleigh Duquesne and Horatio Caine were strictly working relationships, with no friendly warmth involved. After her departure, Calleigh was promoted to the day-shift assistant supervisor position and has held it to this very day.

Wrap up

I must say that, although she appeared just in ten episodes, Megan Donner caught my eye for sure. She is a good example for analysis of the police officer’s personality, which I like to do while watching this kind of shows. And what is your opinion regarding this character?

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