Spotlight on Natalia Boa Vista

Hello, CSI: Miami maniacs! Since we’ve had much about the men during the last few weeks, I decided to add some female charm finally. Tell me, please, what do you think about Natalia Boa Vista and how much had you known before you read it?

Basic information about Natalia Boa Vista

Natalia is a DNA analyst initially assigned only to work on unsolved or cold cases, though this is, until the end of season four, a cover for her. At the end of season four, it is revealed that Natalia is an FBI informant in the lab, assigned to help build a case against Horatio Caine and his team. However, when questioned by her co-workers, she claims to have only reported information that made the Miami-Dade Crime Lab look good.

It is eventually revealed that the negative information that was soiling the lab, in fact, came from State Attorney Monica West and Natalia’s claims of defending the lab’s integrity were accurate. Although the CSIs and other workers treat her with suspicion and some ostracizing after she’s revealed to be the mole, she is ultimately accepted as a permanent above-board member of the team.

The life and career of Natalia Boa Vista

In “Darkroom” Wolfe finds a stash of photographed girls. Natalia discovers that one of them is her sister Anya. DNA from a crime scene reveals that Anya is indeed one of the women that they are looking for. It is also revealed that Natalia has another sister named Christine. At the end of the episode, Horatio manages to locate and rescue Anya, and the sisters are happily reunited.

In “Internal Affairs”, Nick Townsend is found murdered. All the evidence is pointing to Natalia as the killer. Horatio, the night-shift lab and Calleigh‘s ex-boyfriend Detective Jake Berkeley must find evidence to clear Natalia, who admits to Berkeley that she was outside Nick’s house. Earlier on, Nick and Valera went on a lunch date. Valera ignored Natalia’s warnings about Nick being dangerous, so Natalia went there to watch over her. She sees Nick trying to force Valera into the bedroom and watches Valera push him and run out of the house.

Thinking that she killed Nick, Valera tries to admit to Jake, but he denies her confession. It is later discovered that another man murdered Nick over a pair of earrings that Nick had stolen from a crime scene. At the end, Natalia leans on Horatio’s shoulder and sobs quietly as they both look at a picture of Nick and Natalia in happier days, a reminder that Nick had not always been the abusive person he had become.

Tunnel Vision

Natalia is late to a crime scene and explains to Calleigh that she “had to add a new accessory to her wardrobe.” She shows that she finally passed the firearms exam and has a gun.

In “Count Me Out”, Natalia and Ryan walk into a booby-trapped house containing a meth lab. As the lab explodes, Natalia is trapped beneath debris, telling Ryan to save himself. He stays and tries to free her. Along with Horatio who arrives, they free Natalia and Horatio helps her to safety. Though claiming to be fine and not willing to admit her injury, Natalia experiences hearing problems as well as flashbacks of the explosion.

Later in “Die By the Sword”, Natalia’s hearing problem almost costs her life while searching a victim’s house. The victim’s son takes a samurai sword and sneaks up on Natalia. Not hearing the boy, Natalia continues to search through a closet. Just before the boy strikes, Ryan sees him and shouts to Natalia. Kenny runs but is caught by Tripp. Afterward Natalia thanks Ryan for having her back. Ryan is furious that she was almost killed and urges her to see a doctor. Later, Walter gives her the card of a good doctor and after expressing her fear of being stuck behind a desk for the rest of her career she agrees to go see the doctor.

After a series of tests, it is concluded that Natalia had a preexisting injury, caused by domestic violence. she is then prescribed a hearing aid that assists in a case when it picks up a signal jammer hidden in a plant. In the same episode, Natalia also discovers Eric is wearing a wire and quizzes him over it. She agrees to keep his secret but is crestfallen as she sees Eric’s reaction to her overly warm admonishment to please be careful.

In “All Fall Down”, the season 9 opener, Natalia falls victim to a poison attack in the lab. She survived thanks to Horatio’s intervention and is devastated when she unsuccessfully attempted to revive Jesse. She plays an active part in his murder case, trying to warn Melissa about him. She also helps Eric and Horatio decipher hieroglyphic symbols left by the killer. She later participated in a basketball game with Walter and the rest of the CSIs.

Sleepless in Miami

Natalia goes undercover to investigate a psychic that was linked to a case involving someone who dreamed of a murder victim. The psychic saw the listening device attached to her hearing aid and drugged Natalia using a laced candle, then had her drive to an abandoned warehouse to draw Wolfe and Caine away from the psychic while she fled. Natalia, believing she was back in the lab and seeing Nick trying to attack her, attempted to fire at him, not realizing it was actually Lt. Caine and Det. Wolfe.

In “Happy Birthday”, Natalia shows confidence while investigating the case and a true member of the team when Horatio uses physical force to interrogate a suspect. Though not quite comfortable with the situation, she entered the Hummer instead of leaving when Horatio gave her an out; looking out for bystanders when the suspect cries out when Horatio leans down on his dislocated shoulder.

In “F-T-F”, Natalia learns from a new trace tech that she was a case study at the local university. She also shows superiority and a scientific knowledge when showing the tech how to analyze a piece of evidence. She and Walter also set up a meeting with a suspect who believes they are a teenage girl over the internet. She and Ryan then catch the suspect, who waited for Eric and Horatio at the set-up.

About Face

In “About Face”, Natalia gives a speech warning students at Miami Dade University to be on the lookout for alleged cyber killer Patrick Clarkson. While walking to her Hummer, she is kidnapped by him. Natalia manages to escape her binds in the back of Clarkson’s van as he is driving and fights him, causing the van to topple down a slope. She is rescued by Horatio but Clarkson escapes.

Natalia then goes through evidence with Ryan Wolfe, Calleigh Duquesne, and Eric Delko as she wonders if Clarkson was telling the truth, while her colleagues worry if it is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder and realizes that Clarkson is, in fact, innocent, and is, therefore, able to convict the real murderer. At the end of the episode, Natalia watches sadly as Clarkson is taken to jail for her kidnapping. She sustained a broken arm and a wound on her forehead and cheek from her kidnapping.


Natalia discovers a connection between escapee serial killer Jack Toller and Randy North, a man she arrested yet helped four years ago. After discovering Randy has had further contact with Toller, he is summoned to a hearing to decide whether he should keep custody of his two children. Randy begs Natalia to defend him at the hearing, which she tries but her attempts are hindered by a state attorney.

Randy continues to beg her to help him get his children back, but Natalia is called to continue investigating the case. At the end of the ninth season finale, Natalia is locked in the trunk of a car by Randy, which is then set in motion, rolling into the ocean. Even as the car is sinking she’s trying desperately to call out for help using her cell phone however, it seems that none of the calls were going through suggesting they were both in an area without cell phone service.

In “Countermeasures”, Natalia is saved by Horatio, who managed to get to his feet in time and dove into the water to save her even though he was also seriously wounded.

Natalia Boa Vista’s interpersonal relations with other CSIs

Natalia and co-worker Eric Delko previously dated in season four. Later on, they broke up because of a pregnancy scare. It was also subtly suggested that Natalia had slept with Eric to get information on the lab. Even if that was true, Eric remains protective of Natalia when her ex-husband Nick intrudes into crime scenes and harasses her. In “Throwing Heat”, Natalia always asks if Eric is all right and teases him. In “No Man’s Land” and “Man Down”, when Eric is shot, Natalia is very worried and mentions to Tripp that Eric is all she can think about now.

In season 5, Natalia is now a CSI trainee, but to her grief and misery, she discovers that her ex-husband is out of prison and he serves her a restraining order. Nick begins working for a private crime-scene cleanup company. The situation is difficult as Natalia is forced to make terms with Nick so that he would drop the restraining order. In”If Looks Could Kill”, Natalia tells Nick to leave when he enters the CSI office. Nick says that the restraining order that she filed against him has expired.

Natalia is shocked to find out that Nick had asked out lab technician Maxine Valera on a date and that she had accepted. It was revealed that the after-effects of Nick breaking Natalia’s arm is the reason she can’t use a shotgun. After she dislocated her arm, Eric Delko put it back in. Later in the season, Natalia uncovers a corrupt FBI agent and how an extramarital affair led to the death of a young woman, for which the FBI agent was arrested.

It is mentioned that CSI Ryan Wolfe is attracted to her. They had one date in Season 4, but it’s clear she was not as into him as he was into her. In spite of this, it is obvious that Natalia became more protective of Ryan and cares about him and is the only one who believes him when the others CSIs doubt him. In Season 8, Wolfe shows mild concern about Natalia’s hearing loss from an explosion in a Meth Lab. He urges her to go see a doctor.Ryan and Natalia’s prospective relationship is impeded by the introduction of the new lab technician Molly Sloan, who clearly shows an interest in Ryan.

After Jesse Cardoza is killed, the CSIs play a game of basketball to honor him. Natalia and Ryan Wolfe play on different teams but are often seen playing together, even hugging in the middle of the game. In “Sleepless in Miami”, Natalia goes undercover, whilst Ryan listens to the conversation through Natalia’s earpiece outside. Natalia falls victim to the physic, who drugs her. When Horatio and Ryan track Natalia down to a warehouse, she thinks they are Nick and fires her gun at them. Ryan manages to tackle Natalia to the ground, disarming her and keeps hold as she cries out in distress. Ryan and Horatio make a pact to never mention a word of Natalia shooting at them to anyone. Ryan then heads out to drive her home.


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