Spotlight on Ryan Wolfe


Ryan Wolfe is a Crime Scene Investigator in the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. He is a Level 3 CSI specializing in trace and DNA analysis, as well as being highly proficient in AV work. He joined the team after his predecessor, Tim Speedle was killed in the line of duty. Ryan has a slim, but muscular appearance. Appears to be exercising throughout the series, as he later acquires a more bulked-up, muscular appearance.


Ryan Wolfe is a by the book cop and such, has a very strong loyalty to his job. Though Ryan had problems with his gambling addictions, he soon got rid of it by later seasons. He also has a few personal issues. It is his determination that pushes him through these issues, and through his periods of bad luck. Despite his dedication and personal issues, Ryan also has a strong sense of humor. Now he has matured over time and has been given more responsibilities, even displaying potential leadership skills.

Ryan Wolfe has a dry wit and can be very sassy and sarcastic, especially with suspects, but is very caring towards his colleagues and victims, combined with an undying dedication towards finding the truth and, later, a high loyalty to the team. However, although being rather by the book, his more passionate nature and sense of justice sometimes get the better of him, making the otherwise careful detective acting recklessly.

Ryan Wolfe is sometimes pretty short-tempered and doesn’t hesitate to get into someone’s face if he feels if he’s played for a fool or manipulated. He has also displayed a much darker side to his personality when he willingly goes along with Horatio’s plan to torture a suspect by slamming the man’s hand down directly onto the table while Horatio approaches with a hot metal fork.

Skills and Abilities

Ryan Wolfe has a strong background in science, having majored in chemistry at Boston College and now pursuing a master’s degree in genetics. As such, he takes over the Trace lab position from Tim Speedle.

He has also shown to be highly skilled with AV-work, capable of cracking apparently coded files with ease. His studies take a back seat to his job; he graduated top of his class at the police academy.

Ryan is left-handed but wears his watch on the left. He is noted to be a very skilled marksman, in later episodes often working in tandem with Horatio. Also, Ryan Wolfe is a more than capable actor, able to deter his team-mates’ suspicions long enough for the game to be on.

Finally, as a former patrol officer, he has shown many times insight into phrases and proceedings of the Patrol squad his purely CSI colleagues have no knowledge of and is noted to be an efficient, fast driver. He also knows a fair number of patrol officers in the city by the first name.

Early Life

Ryan was working as a patrol officer at the time he was hired by Horatio Caine. He caught his at the scene of a bus crash. There and afterward, Officer Wolfe showed great attention to detail and to the care of his sidearm, reflecting the fixation on minute details emerging from his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Wolfe’s eye for detail wins Caine’s respect since poor gun maintenance led to the misfire at a critical moment that contributed to Speedle’s death. Ryan’s first case was to find if Calleigh’s father, Kenwall “Duke” Duquesne had killed a man during one of his nights of heavy drinking. He later found evidence suggesting that it had been an intended carjacking and Kenwall was completely innocent. Wolfe is shot in the eye with a framing nail gun at a crime scene, leaving him with vision problems. Delko was the first to arrive at the scene and drove Wolfe to get treatment. Wolfe misses a key piece of evidence in episode “The Score” and approaches coroner Alexx Woods for help. She had previously prescribed antibiotics for him and is concerned that his eye troubles may be more serious than originally thought. Also during the fourth season, Ryan works to uncover the identity of a mole in the lab, after reporter Erica Sykes reveals the existence of an informant. In the episode “One of Our Own”, Agent Glen Cole brings up the possibility that Wolfe has keratitis and implies that since Ryan was supposedly the last to handle the missing money from evidence, he may have stolen it for himself. After the interrogation, Ryan goes to lab technician Dan Cooper and accuses him of being the mole, and of attempting to use his knowledge of Wolfe’s vision troubles to frame him. Cooper pleads innocence, saying he merely let the information slip after one too many beers. Eventually, Wolfe helps prove that the lab is not responsible for the stolen money and that the last person to handle it had not been from their lab. This leads Calleigh to Agent Peter Elliot of the Treasury Department, who admits that he was the last to handle the money but insists that he didn’t steal it. Calleigh then realizes that it was Elliot’s fiancée, State Attorney Monica West, and Elliot manages to extract a confession from her. Wolfe occasionally lets his emotions interfere with his job; in one episode, he stops a family from getting evicted from their home and shoves the officer forcing the evictions. The officer files a complaint against Wolfe, which could have damaged his career. Horatio convinces the officer to drop the complaint but warns Wolfe that he might not be able to protect him next time. When Eric Delko is critically injured, Ryan and Calleigh Duquesne go to the hospital to give him blood, though they learn that it is too late for transfusions due to the sheer amount of blood loss. Ryan and the others then take turns at his bedside before going out to catch the perpetrators. Wolfe becomes angry and almost resorts to near-violence when they discover Eric’s shooter, but manages to pull himself together. After Eric returns to work, he experiences difficulty in the performance of his duties, such as when he unknowingly doubles up evidence markers at a crime scene. Ryan notices this and sympathizes with him, recalling his own vision issues and frustration following his eye injury of the previous season. Ryan is fired from the department after lying to Horatio regarding his relationship with a man to whom he owed $10,000. Yelina Salas observes Ryan meeting the man in a secluded area to pay back the money. She brings her video evidence to Horatio, who confronts Ryan. At the end of the episode, Internal Affairs Sergeant Rick Stetler informs Ryan that he has been fired and orders him to leave the building. He finds work as a consultant for a local television news broadcaster. Using his forensic skills he reveals the face of a suspected carjacker on television, only to have the man turn up dead only a few hours later, a vigilante claiming credit for the death. Ryan faces a great deal of hostility from his former colleagues, particularly Calleigh Duquesne, though he does try to help as best he can by providing the names and numbers of people who called into the station with death threats for the carjacker. Soon Ryan realizes that the sensationalism and glamor of television does not further the cause of justice. He leaves the station and reconciles with Horatio, who warns Ryan that his every action will be scrutinized closely. Ryan accepts this, and will evidently return to his former occupation. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy within MDPD prevents Ryan from immediately resuming his duties. He finds temporary employment at a gun range, where he becomes integral in linking a weapon stolen from the same range to a man who murdered a parole officer. Horatio subsequently calls on Wolfe to serve as a bodyguard for a young woman being stalked by hundreds of people after a picture of her posted online made her instantly famous. While he takes his duties seriously, Ryan nonetheless exhibits disappointment that he can not yet rejoin the team. Ryan then takes a job as an expert witness in the crime-scene procedure. His first case brings him into direct conflict with Natalia. She believes that Ryan set her up, to which Ryan heatedly points out that he follows the evidence. Ryan is eventually reinstated. At the end of the season 6 finale, Wolfe is sent a text message reading “It is done.” This is sent after a shooting of Lt. Horatio Caine. Prior to this, he had been paged by someone while questioning a suspect with Calleigh. He leaves, telling Calleigh he’d explain things later. He finally is confronted by a very angry and confused Calleigh and Eric, both of whom believe he had a hand in Horatio’s shooting. Wolfe, without going into much detail with them at the time, assisted in the staging of Horatio’s death to help him go underground, and flush out the distributor of the fused alloy bullets, Saris. By the time they confronted him, Wolfe had already released Horatio’s body to the coroner, who in turn released Horatio to the Feds. Horatio later surfaces, and proceeds to explain to a crestfallen Eric the plan in greater detail, as well as his selection of Wolfe to assist in the plan. He explained to Eric that this was to prevent endangering anyone else’s career should the plan fail in capturing Saris. In episode “Wrecking Crew”, it was revealed that Wolfe is afraid of heights. In “The DeLuca Motel”, Wolfe becomes concerned for Delko after it was revealed he was staying in a cheap motel, much to the surprise of the team. Wolfe took his concerns to Caine, who said he would look into it on Wolfe’s behalf after Wolfe mentioned seeing signs Delko may not be telling the team the whole truth as to the reason behind his stay there. Wolfe later asked Delko directly if he was in any danger, after discovering that the bullet which grazed Delko’s arm while at the motel was of a much higher caliber than the one used to murder the suspect found dead in the motel pool. Eventually, Wolfe’s concerns were proven to be well-founded, as Delko’s biological father had indeed hired a sniper to shoot Delko and others. This was also the reason Delko’s mother obtained falsified documents for Eric, who was only an infant at the time he had arrived in the United States, since she stated to Eric that his biological father was a wicked man. At the end of “Target Specific”, Wolfe was kidnapped by the Russian Mob when they blew his tire out. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tried to figure out who killed their suspect; Delko attempted to call Wolfe, but couldn’t reach him. Wolfe was subsequently shown tied up and a member of the Russian Mob warning him that if he didn’t cooperate with them, he’d lose something. Wolfe responded that he’ll never tell them anything and told the guy to go to hell. The guy then proceeded to punch him in the face, with Wolfe still screaming, “go to hell.” In “Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing” he refuses to help the Russians with whatever they are planning. After repeatedly telling them he will never work for them, the man torturing him yanks a tooth out as punishment. Wolfe finally gave up after his torturer warns him that his men have Billy and will do the same thing they did to Wolfe. The deal was to clear the Russians from a murder/robbery by destroying the evidence and if he doesn’t succeed, Billy will be killed. Horatio manages to find Billy when he double-backs and reinterrogates a person of interest in the robber/murder. At the end, Horatio told Wolfe that the Russians underestimated him at the same time Wolfe realized that not only the Russian Mob is watching the team, but are trying to break them up. In “Collateral Damage”, as Kyle and Tara prep a victim of a grenade attack and discuss the case with Ryan, a second grenade which was lodged inside a victim’s shoe falls to the ground and detonates inside the autopsy room. None of them are seriously hurt, but as Wolfe gets his bearings, he discovers Tara is frantically picking up prescription pills off the floor instead of trying to preserve case evidence. This turns out to be the case as Wolfe witnesses Price pocketing a prescription bottle immediately prior to an autopsy in the episode “Dissolved”. He confronts her about it, and reminds her that he wouldn’t be able to cover for her. Wolfe then makes a discreet call to Horatio, indicating there is an emergent issue. Later, under the pretense of an Internal Affairs investigation into the events surrounding Julia, Ryan brought in Tara. He and Stetler interrogated her regarding her taking prescriptions. He told her “I gave you every opportunity” and with that, Stetler arrested her. Tara could barely make eye contact with Wolfe and Delko as she was led away. When Walter Simmons, a tech from the nightshift joins the dayshift and later becomes a CSI, Ryan takes him under his wing. However, due to Wolfe being a CSI Level 3 and Simmons being a CSI Level 1, Ryan usually has Walter do the more dirtier tasks.


When he first joins the lab, Wolfe has a difficult time with his co-workers. Calleigh Duquesne is concerned initially because Wolfe’s first case is a possible vehicular homicide involving her alcoholic father. At first, Ryan is also intent on “showing off” to Horatio as much as possible. This results in him having a tendency to be competitive against them, which brings him into conflicts with the rest of the

lab. Medical examiner Alexx Woods resents his coming on board at first, telling him at one point that she “[doesn’t] need any new friends.” He grows on her, however, and the two eventually become close.

Eric Delko, who had been close to Speedle, is still angry over his friend’s murder, and often acts as though he resents Wolfe as an interloper. The two seem to have put their differences aside for the most part, as they are often seen working together at crime scenes, though Delko occasionally seems to enjoy exercising his seniority by sending Wolfe to do the dirtier work.

Ryan is attracted to fellow CSI Natalia Boa Vista. The two dated briefly but ultimately decided to keep their relationship professional. Boa Vista was obviously still interested in a jealous Eric Delko. In spite of this, Natalia has been shown to be very protective of Wolfe. Recently, however, Ryan has shown mild concern over Natalia’s hearing loss, going as far to force her to see a doctor. Actress Eva LaRue has said that she believes Natalia will end up falling in love with Ryan (Jonathan Togo) because of his devotion to her throughout her disability. Their relationship has been shaky throughout Natalia’s mole status, Ryan’s need to display seniority, his loss of job and eventual return, and her relationship with Delko. In the seventh season, he appears to know about Calleigh and Eric’s relationship, joking to Natalia in the plane’s “love nest” that they would like that on a plane, with a shooting range. There is also a strong fan-base between Calleigh and Ryan, and the producers said it had been a concern that Eric/Calleigh would not have been welcomed warmly.

Horatio Caine and Wolfe never had the strongest relationship among the CSI’s. The two have worked together well, but Horatio quickly puts Ryan’s life on the line to stage Caine’s murder before Delko. He obviously trusts Wolfe with his life, but the two never connected as well as Delko and Caine did. Also, Horatio usually refers to Ryan as Mr. Wolfe, unlike other CSI’s, which he calls by their first name, and using his first name nearly only in times of distress or to emphasize praise. Ironically, it should be noted that the two men often act very similarly if it comes to work. Ryan does, however, have more of a comedic side than Horatio, despite their serious demeanors when working a case.

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