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Hello, CSI Maniacs! How have you been? This time I am coming to you with delay because of technical issues I have been struggling with. In this post I’d like to focus on CSI: Miami Season 1 including 24 episodes shown in 2002 and 2003. If you missed any of them, regrettably, don’t worry cause I will discuss them all here.

CSI: Miami Season 1 episodes

Here you can find short summaries of CSI: Miami Season 1 episodes quoted from the website IMDb together with my thoughts about them.

Golden Parachute

The first episode of the series and one of my favorites because films about hijacked or crashed plane cases have always fascinated me.
Insurance agent Scott Eric Sommer’s private plane crashes in the Everglades after his pilot was shot. Only Sommer himself is found alive. His accountant seems to have struggled and jumped out. The firm was under SEC investigation.

Losing Face

I was watching this one with tears in my eyes seeing Horatio devastated by the loss of a friend and mentor. I was amazed that he didn’t bring him down but motivated to capture the guilty.
Succesful Colombian importer Aurelio Moreno is found by his wife Julisa Moreno with a ‘necklace bomb’ and a notice pinned on his chest. The bomb squad enters, and loses Al Humphreys, Lieutenant Horatio Caine’s friend and former trainer, when it explodes. Autopsy shows Aurelio was under chloroform before his neck-lacing. The team not only investigates the ingenious bomb, with a photo cell designed to trigger it when the bomb squad man follows standard disarming procedure, but also the paper, the watermark proves it was imported by Moreno, and used for similar crimes in Bogotá, where the bigamist, who is also under smuggle investigation, had a second wife Lauriana, who is currently in Miami and has incriminating chemical traces on her hands, but those can also come from make-up.
Then a second bomb is found, different but they manage to disarm it; Horatio spots the boy Conner watching on his bike with a brown paper package and guesses right the kid got that from a stranger who promised he could keep the fashionable BMX if he waited there for him with it – now they have an eye-witness’ description. This bomb proves false, Horatio concludes the killer uses bomb squad procedure to manipulate and eliminate them; in fact he excessively shows off how clever he is, which sets him exploring a devious motive…

Wet Foot/Dry Foot

Great choice for those who love sharks or are fans of the series of “Jaws”. It is even more thrilling when an animal is involved in crimes.
Anglers catch a shark whose belly contains half the corpse of a man who was shot. The team works out it was dumped from an abandoned yacht which contains a secret smuggling compartment for cocaine, but probably took aboard the victim and at least one relative, who also left a blood trace, both being Cubans trying to immigrate illegally. Anti-Castrist barrio patriarch Basilio helps Horatio’s team work out the details.

Just One Kiss

A person with amnesia included in this episode is another reason for finding this series interesting.
A beach jogger found the torture-marked corpse of Guatemalan barman Estevan Ordonez with burns and a fatal champagne bottle cut. Near him was left to drown badly injured and raped sex-mate Jane Renshaw (24, Iowa), who has short-term amnesia and assumes the other victim to be her lover, accountant Paul Varnette, a college friend of Tyler Hamilton, cousin of wealthy political dynast Drake Hamilton, who combines a friendly front with top-lawyer and forensic sabotage tricks when Horatio’s team concentrates on what happened around the latest Hamilton party.

Ashes to Ashes

An episode with a religious background telling the story of fight between good and evil inside someone’s soul and a hard choice between The God and the gang.
Father Carlos is found dead in church, shot twice by hunting rifle, amidst signs of worldly living, even condoms, indicating he was with a teenager, and footprints from a skater. Eric Delko feels stuck with another case Horatio investigates, a pregnant woman whose car burned to cinders because of the expensive cognac aboard, possibly a murder staged as an accident or suicide to cover up mother and child’s identity; an identifiable diamond leads to her lover Jeffrey Douglas, without hard proof. Lip – and shoe prints make altar-boy Cameron Medina the prime suspect for the priest murder; he lied about not going there and has access to guns, but also an alibi for the time of the murder; Cameron’s dad Emilio left home after a domestic row and is also found, beaten to death…


Another thrilling episode involving a child molester. I found it especially interesting and accurate nowadays when such people – or rather monsters – seem to be everywhere.
A mother loses sight of her daughter Ruthie for a few seconds only later to find that her little girl is now dead at the hand of a pedophile. As the investigation continues, the detectives realize that they are dealing with a serial pedophile.


Another one of my favorite episodes for countless reasons. I will leave it without a huge comment to allow you understand after watching.
A man struggles on board a yacht and literally falls dead. On land, a male lap dancer is found dead after a night of partying.


Next example where the children are suffering. Left me speechless.
Blood-covered toddler Erin Caplin’s wandering is backtracked to the extremely untidy parental home. Neither neglecting ma nor her three siblings survived the buckshot, not even athletic teenager Luke, who cared for the other kids more than the parents, only pa Jason Caplin pulls trough after surgery. The mess and autopsy confirm unhealthy neglect. The team soon suspects a domestic drama.

Kill Zone

Murders for chillout – this episode shows that many criminals don’t think clearly and have mental problems.
A broker, a janitor and a secretary are expertly shot on a Miami shopping street, a fourth person in a passing-by bus with untraceable plastic-coated bullets. They aren’t relevantly linked, but the team works out the sniper’s position and from particles there correctly constructs his USMC-champion-MO and secret ‘target-range’, which ultimately yields a chilling ‘motive’.

A Horrible Mind

No words for such brutal methods of teaching. What is your opinion about this?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine examines academically acclaimed Cultural Anthropology professor Adam Metzger whose corpse is found wearing only shorts, hanged from a tree in KKK-lynching style with cult elements, such as a possible canine sacrifice. Wounds indicate some five hours of torture with thirteen different weapons. Weapons found in the professor’s house were used to torture the dog to death. He was hated by parents and colleagues but loved by his thirteen students because of his controversial course on hatred, violence and pain, which included such guest speakers as a KKK leader and Columbian prison torturer Bardosa, whose machete-arm wound disabled him to commit a hanging. The blood found near the corpse is Ned Sante’s, a student who tells he was stripped by the other twelve as part of his involuntary mock lynching. Metzger also had an affair with student Ginny Taylor and left shredded notes. Meanwhile Eric Delko and Dr. Alexx Woods examine a decomposed corpse in a car trunk fished …

Camp Fear

Cheating never pays off, I can say after watching this episode.
Eric and Tim work out that Willie Stango, who seems to have combusted spontaneously and drunk masses of milk, made enemies by selling diluted high-octane fuel to jet-ski racers and how that ultimately killed him. Horatio’s kinky forensics trace silver spoon Dara Winters’s swamp-dumped, leech-drained corpse to a boot camp for trouble kids, where nobody even admits knowing her, yet comes up with several surprising suspects and motives.

Entrance Wound

One of my favorite kinds of topics. Murders in hotel rooms always keep the audience interested until the last second of the show.
Colleagues making love during lunch find a naked female prostitute’s corpse under the hotel room bed. Room and body were washed with cardamom-scented soap. A fingerprint points to known criminal Cole Judson, but Horatio finds it was fabricated by the real killer, using an epoxy-negative and oil, and searches who could have framed Cole and why she was killed. German tourist Werner Roebling’s wife Greta Roebling claims he chased the carjacker of their rental on foot – suspiciously senseless – and got shot a bit further on the street. A video seems to confirm this, but Eric Delko digs deeper.


Do you also love top-priority cases in CSI: Miami?
Horatio mobilizes top-priority after an explosive drug-lab releases killer fumes in one of the houses rented from Dr. James Welmont’s dermatologists’ consortium. The ‘cook’ messed up designing a new, hence technically under Florida law legal designer drug. The case also rekindles the tragic death of Horatio’s cop brother. Eric investigates the murder of popular rest home-octogenarian Betty Rosen, whose skull was smashed.

Forced Entry

Creepy murder in a luxury mansion.
Cookie-vending kids found the blood trace to Thomas Carpenter’s corpse, bound face-down in his robe on the bed with head and rectal wounds, but the luxury house and all objects – too valuable for a thief to leave – belonged to other men; he suffocated gagged. Restoring an erased tattoo points to recently released thief Danny Blue, who identifies Tommy, a multiple thief and rapist on record, and admits having visited him, a parole violation, but days before the murder… Benito Ramon is found dead with Michelle Carter in his crematorium, among stolen golden teeth, and there are other corpses in the oven. A VIP-token in a corpse’s hand leads to the exclusive night club Canvas, ran by two Puertoricans with a silent partner…

Dead Woman Walking

One of the cases which get on my nerves the most in real life. We have been given a beautiful planet to live there and instead of caring about the environment we keep polluting it with tons of rubbish, poisonous fumes, radioactive substances etc. I won’t even mention terrorism and wars which are even worse. We all live under the same sun, so why can’t we live as one?
Junkie and small thief Carl Aspen’s corpse is found on the street, beside a syringe but not killed by an OD. During the autopsy, Horatio has to strike the alarm on account of an extremely fast-spreading hand-wound which he realizes must stem from nuclear radiation. Luckily even Delko, who spend most time exposed while examining the cash loot, is alright. The unsuspecting robbery victim, however is terminally contaminated. It’s environmental lawsuits specialist Belle King. Her numerous enemies include George Risher’s isotopes firm, but things are more complicated than they seem.

Evidence of Things Unseen

Murder of a Zoo keeper. Are the monkeys to blame?
Zoo keeper Victor Ratsch is fatally stabbed with a top-quality knife in a peep show booth in Rick Breck’s tacky club. While CSI still investigates his murder, new one are committed on the stripper, her fiancé and some of his dodgy contacts, including Victor’s Russian cousin and colleague Victor Ratsch.

Simple Man

A great example of racism, intolerance and social inequality. Can you comment it? I am left without words.
At the start of the trial of Lorenzo Escalante, husband of city councilor Mercedes, for the murder of their equally Cuban housemaid Carmen Abregon, Horatio delays testifying while the hastily summoned team urgently examines a new corpse. It’s Bonita Cruz, another Latina maid, recruited and shot in almost exactly the same way, only while Lorenzo was in police custody. It looks like a copy cat or an actual serial killer, but neither theory works out, while the trail leads to the Escalante’s devoted attorney and friend, Carl Galaz.

Dispo Day

Is it normal to involve a baby in battles of gangs? Judge it on your own.
A drugs transport to incineration is attacked by a well-armed gang, but a woman shouting for help for her baby rather distracts Horatio and Speed, whose gun is jammed, but a bullet-proof vest saves his life. Only SWAT sergeant Hollis is killed, but as ballistics later establishes from a distant spot. Horatio finds the woman isn’t the baby’s mother, she was hired by a drugs gang. CSI is suspected of tipping them off, especially after Calleigh tests positive for cocaine, but Horatio traces that to a nearby spot suitable for the sniper. The friends even left one of their own, badly wounded Lester Cassidy, behind to die in Paul Tomassi’s workshop after consulting suspended MD Guillermo Santoyo.

Double Cap

Series of crimes in different cities. I strongly recommend to those who are fans of serial killer stories.
Gloria Tynan was shot with a home-made silencer while sunbathing by a luxury hotel pool. The gun was used in a Philadelphia bank robbery. The team soon eliminates hotel staff as suspects, then realizes Gloria was an alias, part of an elaborate witness protection program. Horatio refuses to let the FBI take over and finds relevant links between the Philly case, partially now in Miami, and several recent crimes.

Grave Young Men

The cases involving the young ones are kind of shocking cause can destroy or even take away their life which has just begun.
Ex-con Pete Wilton begs Horatio to use the skill that got him arrested to find his missing son Jeff. The knave is found to be a habitual marijuana user and fired over 200 bullets on the yard tree with mates Nick Gordon and Jared Hatch, calling themselves 4.20 boys. Pete forfeits his parole to cover for Jeff, but Horatio and Delko soon discover sinister indications in the boys’ lockers, which turn out sadly prophetic, yet prevent an ultimate tragedy.

Spring Break

That happens if you don’t mind any rules.
It’s Spring break, and South Beach swarms with students looking for fun without minding the rules much. After a wild pool party, two students waking up totally drunk find a girl’s corpse with a broken neck: Tiffany Heitzenrader (19, fake ID Rachel Moon), who was raped posthumously; her friend Carson Mackie, CEO of a sex video production firm with a rape record, is the obvious suspect but confesses only to the necrophilia. Trey Hanson (19, registered drug user) is found in swim-shorts on the bottom of a hotel pool, not drowned but covered in bruises from bad beatings, most from previous dates, the last may have predated and caused his fatal aneurysm; three mates say his THC level resulted from a dare who could inhale longest, then they dove from the roof with him during the party. Next Amy Gorman escapes an attempted rape; she has bite marks which may be identifiable, and there may well be an accidental private video recording as it happened on the beach where a memory-stick is found, …

Tinder Box

An example of courageous behavior and heroic action of just two young policemen and consequences of not obeying the safety rules in a public place.
While Delko and Speed visit dodgy Quentin Haid’s nightclub, DJ Scorpius’s pyrotechnics start a raging fire which burns it down in no time, with many casualties. Eric’s new girlfriend Connie Wilkes dies from inhaled heat, later the missing barman is found under rubble, but fatally killed with a broken bottle. Haid actually used most waitresses as call-girls and lies about his earnings. Haig ordered bouncer Danny Maxwell to keep the exits locked, but passed fire marshal Ronnie Jameson’s routine safety muster.

Freaks and Tweaks

The two cases which turned out to be kind of personal for Horatio and Alexx. I am sure you will enjoy this episode.
The body of a drug addict is found in a barn. Horatio, Eric, and Tim investigate the scene and nearly died when the place explodes. The case becomes personal to Horatio when one of the suspects claim to know Raymond Caine, his brother. Calleigh is working with Det. John Hagen on the case of a man shot dead to the heart in his car. The man turns out to be Alexx’s friend.

Body Count

One of the case that put a police officer in a direct danger. Respect the police and their commitment to service.
Three prisoners break out of prison. One of them is a child molester, previously caught by the CSI team, who is looking for his new victim as the detectives race against time to stop him. Another is out to get revenge against the people who got him convicted, one of whom is detective Calleigh Duquesne.

My conclusions about Season 1 episodes

In my opinion CSI: Miami Season 1 episodes are definitely worth taking your time to watch them. I had a lot of fun watching them and trying to solve the case alongside the Horatio’s team but I also found a lot of other qualities making them even more interesting. By watching this great series you can find out what may happen if you break the law, how do the police and courts work on the cases as well as many other ethical values. Moreover, you can find a lifestyle related value such as the meaning of family and friends, importance of caring about the environment or influence of addictions on your physical and mental health.

Wrap up

Let’s summarize it with a small discussion. Tell me in the comments which episode of CSI: Miami season 1 is your favorite and why do you like it? Maybe you found any value in it other than just having fun while watching it? If you haven’t seen any episode yet, which one do you think seems interesting? Don’t hesitate to talk about it below, I’d like to know your opinions.

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