Spotlight on the episode “Wet Foot/Dry Foot”

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! I am pleased to see you here again and give another nice read. This week I would like to focus on the third CSI: Miami episode Wet Foot/Dry Foot as well as its meaning and factual background. Have fun reading!

Wet Foot/Dry Foot plot summary

Let’s begin discussing the topic with a short plot summary originally posted on the portal IMDb.

Anglers catch a shark whose belly contains half the corpse of a man who was shot. The team works out it was dumped from an abandoned yacht which contains a secret smuggling compartment for cocaine, but probably took aboard the victim and at least one relative, who also left a blood trace, both being Cubans trying to immigrate illegally. Anti-Castrist barrio patriarch Basilio helps Horatio‘s team work out the details.

I’d like to describe it all in depth here but I don’t want to take away your pleasure from watching the episode by yourselves if you haven’t seen it yet. but if you have, don’t forget to share your opinions below.


Here you can find a short paragraph about the source of the episode’s title which has its origin in political relations between USA and Cuba. Have you ever heard about this document described below?
The wet feet, dry feet strategy or wet foot, dry foot approach is the name given to a previous elucidation of the 1995 modification of the use of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that basically says that any individual who fled Cuba and entered the United States would be permitted to seek after residency a year later. Preceding 1995, the US government permitted all Cubans who contacted US regional waters to stay in the US. After chats with the Cuban government, the Clinton organization went to a concurrence with Cuba that it would quit conceding individuals captured in U.S. waters. For a very long while from there on, in what wound up plainly known as the “Wet foot, Dry foot” approach, a Cuban gotten on the waters between the two countries (with “wet feet”) would summarily be sent home or to a third nation. One who makes it to shore (“dry feet”) gets an opportunity to stay in the United States, and later would meet all requirements for sped up “legitimate changeless occupant” status as per the 1966 Act and in the end U.S. citizenship. In January 2017, the Obama organization reported the quick end of the strategy in the blink of an eye before President Barack Obama’s term lapsed.

Wrap up

I think that Wet Foot/Dry Foot is a good episode to watch. A really good choice for the fans of sharks or the series of “Jaws” It is always interesting and thrilling when an animal gets involved.
It is also a very good impulse to get to know international relations between USA and other countries, such as Cuba.
Another reasons why I recommend it are stunning views of underwater nature and great soundtrack.
Now when we discussed whole topic, I’d like to hear from you. So, please, give your opinions and feedback in the comments and don’t hesitate to share the post with friends while awaiting the next week’s text.

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