Types of cyber Crimes and how to avoid them.

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! New week always provides a new post for you. This time I would like to introduce an article about cybercrime and safety issue submitted by my Nigerian friend Ezekiel from The Wiki Web, who is a blogger and a talented freelance web developer. Thanks for your contribution, buddy.

Cybercrime: what is it and how to avoid being a victim

OH welcome to today’s topic. Today I will be focusing on cybercrimes and how you can save yourself from them.  I bet it today you’re gonna learn new terms which I had gathered for you and at the end of the lesson, you will learn how to stay safe on the Internet without any panic. Now let’s move on….

What is even cyber crime?

If you are hearing it for the first time: cyber crime is simply referred to as committing an offense using a computer or through the Internet, it’s also called computer crime (while you do something that is harmful or illegal on the Internet) that’s just a no time wasting definition of cyber crime. Now let’s get started with what is cyber crime in depth.

Cyber Crime

From the beginning of the 21st century, the world got more exposure to technology equipment and techniques and likewise cyber crime was going viral and much people are getting addicted, you wonder how? 

People have grown to the extent that they can’t live without some illegal stuff (hacking, cracking, porns, hard drugs e.t.c) for the badly influenced pleasure they see from it but it is never approved by the government because they are affected by those kinds of stuff.
As the world gets to 2008 hacking cracking and pornography became the top story government addresses the across the nation.

Let’s look at the basic kinds of cybercrime or criminals.

  • Hackers: these are the set of people who are into finding the possible entry points that exist on a computer, website, email, networks, and the likes. Below is the list of the types of hackers
  1. Anonymous : this are the type of hacker who are as well called the crackers, this set of criminals are fund of ilegals things, stealing datas, damaging  system, violating privacy, blocking networks. they aim to harm and gain unauthorize access to anything. Even to you if you are careless beware of them lols.
  2. Script kiddies : this are intruders who claim too be hacker but not they survive by little tricks they get from what they had read from the real hackers and by so doing, they also use hacker tecniques to intrude victime for datas, they are very hamful if they were able to succesfully lunch an attack to you stuff beware because you might toaught they dont meant to harm you but unfortunately they might harm.
  3. Phisher : are those set of criminals who are into cloning webpages, emails, and data colecting forms, for geting there victim datas for example. Creating a fake webpage like facebook confusing user to get a reward or other thing for optin in to there service or product. And when user opting with his loging details, his/her data are save in the phishers wallet for use and after they had garthed their data they’ve gotten their need and thats a grate bulleto kill victim.
  • Scammers: this is the set of criminals who are categorized to be fraud they scam fellow human on the internet by approaching people and asking for one or two things after they had gained some authority to their victim they wipe his/her money from the bank to their purse by any means. Some do wiring and some use online banking platforms like PayPal, Payoneer and much more. they are sometimes called 419 in some country. They are Very dangerous they’ve killed many souls by hypertension.
  • Hacktivist: I have come to define this in a whole number its worth more, a hacktivist is a special hacker who technologically announce a social ideology, religious or political message, they are usually involved in website defacement. I could remember in 2015 a student defaced a university website because the university did not offer him admission. Therefore this set of people are typically skilled and bad indeed. I’d recommend you fear them. beware
  • Spreading unwanted materials: I search all across the web, 70% of the web space is full of government unapproved materials. so of those materials include
  1. Child sexual abuse materials : This days the internet is full of child abuse materials pornography to be precisely its is one of the most affecting material that are found on the internet and by this chiledren get addicted to what they are not suppose and set their heart to the wrong emotion which result to unwanted and teenage pregnacy.
  2. Online grooming : I will define this in a simple way, it is the aim of befriending and extablishing emotional connection with child and this are done on the simple social network site like facebooks, skype e.t.c. This could also result to unwanted way of life. By this type of website being misused go the wromg path and have a bitter ending. 

Outcome of cybercrime

The result is always to be prosecuted in one way or the other.

Thanks for staying with me to this extent I hope by now you have a pro understanding of what is meant by cybercrime. Now let’s move to the ways to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes and criminals.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a cybercriminal

So here I will teach you how you can save yourself, your data, and details from the cybercriminals.Yeah, you are safe if you can follow my steps.
  1. Avoid public networks: Don’t ever think of using public networks. Some of these networks may be harmful, may store your data, pop up harmful contents, and could by any means collect your information.
  2. Don’t share your details with anyone: Don’t share your details with anyone this can harm you. I would tell you to trust no one in terms of security. Keep your passwords within yourself it is your Personal Identification Number, not a  Public Identification Number, be wise.
  3. Use custom password: Always set your password to be custom, don’t just use a simple password like 1234, 12345,  9876, poiuytrewq, honestly using this type of password sucks. Why? Because it can easily be guessed even by a now hacking experienced fellow. So I urge you to use a premium password. Think of something like @Hola#ME$GO{by}(yam), passwords like this are what I called premium passwords. By this, you can be saved from the three top techniques of password hacking which are: Password guesser, Dictionary attack, Brute-force
  4. Stay away from affecting content: The best way stay safe is to stay away from affecting contents, thing that you already know it could affect you, don’t move near it. it might sometimes be brought to you and never wanted to do when you get something like this Runnn.
  5. Don’t download illegal content: Stay away from downloading illegal contents or pirated copy, it’s best you purchase from the original source of the media or apps.
  6. Block pornography websites: Another best way to be saved from being addicted to pornography websites is to block pornography on your browser, so that even if you mistakenly visit a porn website you may be saved.
  7. Keep your documents safe: A neophyte hacker can pick up torn area of the document and meet something valuable to you in the torn part and this could harm you if you by any means need the details before you know it its is used against you. Don’t just dispose of paper anyhow.


Yeah, thanks for following up to this extent and I hope you have learned one or two things on what is meant by cybercrime, its types, how they work and how to prevent yourself from them. If you had any question or any contribution to this post I’d like to see it in the comment box and I’ll respond to you immediately. Please do drop your view about this article I’d love to hear from you thanks.

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