Cybersecurity – Initialization and impact

Hi CSI: Miami Maniacs! Today I would like to introduce another post made by the guest. Arpeet from India is continuing the topic of digital crimes and cybersecurity earlier described by Ezekiel.

Arpeet’s view on cybersecurity

Hello guys!
Today I am gonna update you on the topic of cybercrime. First of all, its comprised of mainly two words: “cyber” and “crime”. You all might be knowing about crime – it’s an illegal act since globalization era. And the word cyber is related to technologies which are spread since the creation of the computer, mobile phones etc. This had been spread since 2008 more and more which has led to severe loss of money, transactions have bounced, people are not getting anything for their profit etc. Due to this problem arising in a great manner the world has taken actions against it.

Types of cybercrimes

The Internet is an amazing tool for communication, allowing users to connect instantly over great distances. Unfortunately, the reach and anonymity the network provides is also a great tool for criminals, who have taken advantage of the global network to play their trade. There are many different types of cybercrime, and understanding the most common crimes and frauds can help you avoid becoming a victim. This internet has nowadays the best of all to do cyber attacks. Since it becomes a bit difficult for us to access them but as technology is developing for attackers its been also developing cyber securities. There might be many fake login websites, and other sources for the hackers to attack people.
But we all must be careful and here I will mention several precautions which must be taken for being safe from attacks and defend against them. First of all, you must not be with any unknown administrators. If they will tell you to open any website or give you an app to download or log in just avoid. Even don’t touch the links – if you do so, then your public IP address is now with the attacker and he can easily get into your system and steal your data and can then do anything.

Cybersecurity – final conclusion

If you are using the internet then stop using it. It’s the best of all solutions as now nor you will talk to any anonymous nor you will get anything nor you will operate them. But in the digital world, it’s been impossible, so its cool to avoid them and not give any information in any source the attackers are always ready to attack you anytime. So must be aware of all these situations that might occur in your life. Don’t be a part of attack just defend and be alert for all this stuff.

Wrap up by the host blogger

Thank you Arpeet for your valuable insight. I totally agree about the importance of digital safety. There are just a few rules letting us stay safe but still many people ignore them.
Please, fans, be safe here in our mutual cyberspace. Feel free to share your views on it as we will gladly hear your opinions. Leave us a comment or contact the author personally via Facebook, Instagram or email to discuss more or maybe ask for an article on your websites.

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  1. Working in higher education (IT), we are definitely concerned with minimizing the threat around cybercrimes and cybersecurity. We NEED more education for our users as we find that they are walking right into risky situations unknowingly. What ideas do you have to help spread the message?

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