Dispo Day – episode spotlight

Hello, CSI: Miami Maniacs! I am glad to welcome you again to introduce a new feature of the week. This time I suggest we discussed the season 1 episode Dispo Day. I really enjoyed the thrilling action in its plotline.

Dispo Day plot summary

A well-armed gang attacks drugs transport to combustion.  However, a lady who is shouting for help for her baby rather distracts Horatio and Speed, whose gun jams. A bullet-proof vest saves his life during the shooting. Solely SWAT sergeant Hollis dies in the line of duty, however as ballistics later establishes from a remote spot.

Horatio finds the lady is not the baby’s mother. She was employed by a drugs gang. CSI is under suspicion of tipping them off, particularly once Calleigh tests positive for a hard drug. However, Horatio traces that to a close-by spot appropriate for the sharpshooter. The chums even left badly-wounded Lester Cassidy behind in Paul Tomassi’s workshop once consulting suspended MD Guillermo Santoyo.


Now, having recalled what is this episode about, let’s give a spotlight on some interesting Dispo Day fun facts. Did you know that:

  • The scene where Calleigh tests positive for cocaine after accidentally ingesting some criminal evidence regards with the real-life experience of writer Elizabeth Devine who used to work in law enforcement.
  • This is one of David Caruso‘s favorite episodes from Season 1 as he gets to use his firearm in the opening teaser.
  • Delko tells Calleigh that the screwdriver in the ignition replaces the key to make contact. In fact, neither the key nor the screwdriver complete the circuit. One can use any of them to turn the lock cylinder which activates the switch, controlling the ignition.

Wrap up

Thank you for staying with me to read an article about one of the most amazing episodes in the first season of CSI: Miami. I hope you enjoyed it and the CSI-related memories it brought to you. If so, share that article with your friends and leave us an opinion in the comment. Don’t hesitate to join the mailing list as well.

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