Double Cap – episode spotlight

Hello CSI: Miami maniacs! How have you been for the last week? It is high time for the next post about your favorite tv series. Now I would like to concentrate on the nineteenth episode of the first season titled “Double Cap”.

Plot Summary of Double Cap

Gloria Tynan was shot with a home-made silencer while sunbathing by a luxury hotel pool. The gun was used in a Philadelphia bank robbery. The team soon eliminates hotel staff as suspects, then realizes Gloria was an alias, part of an elaborate witness protection program. Horatio refuses to let the FBI take over and finds relevant links between the Philly case, partially now in Miami, and several recent crimes.


  • Jimmy Fukes: You’re not going to be able to prove a thing.
  • Horatio Caine: That is a very dumb thing to say to a CSI.
  • Tim Speedle: I love hotel rooms – body fluids everywhere.

Author’s thoughts on the episode

Again we have a very interesting episode topic to discuss. What really caught my eye was the fact of featuring the witness protection program which I find quite an interesting thing. Another fact that I noticed immediately was the humorous way that Tim speaks while stating he loves investigating the hotels. There are many more facts I could mention such as the plot, music, quality acting etc. but I would not like to include too many spoilers. In other words – you’d better watch it by yourselves to have your own opinions.

Wrap up

To sum it all up I will say that I am really proud that systems of witness protection were launched in many countries even though they can’t fully prevent criminal activity towards the witnesses from happening. And finally, what is your opinion on witness protection programs in your countries? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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