Evidence of things unseen

 Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! How have you been? This time I am coming to you to discuss the episode Evidence of things unseen.

Evidence of things unseen – Plot Summary

Zookeeper, Victor Ratsch, is fatally stabbed with a top-quality knife in a peepshow booth in Rick Breck’s tacky club. While CSI still investigates his murder, new ones are committed on the stripper, her fiancé and some of his dodgy contacts, including Victor’s Russian cousin and colleague, Vadim Ratsch.

Evidence of things unseen – Major Events

As always, a new CSI episode must bring you something special. This one is famous for the introduction of a new character, Frank Tripp, played by Rex Linn. We also get to know that Eric Delko can speak Russian.

Evidence of things unseen – Goofs

No CSI: Miami episode can be run without unnoticed goofs. This time I have two fun facts for you.
  • The victim is seen inserting a token twice to open the window. When the window opens the third time, the victim is dead with blood splattered on the window.
  • While investigating the case, Horatio states that “there is a reason why Italians call it the little death”, referring to the peepshow victim. In fact, the little death comes from French, not Italian.

Evidence of things unseen – Soundtrack Credits

None of the CSI episodes would be so great without the background music. In this one the most notable tracks include:
  • Cochise Performed by Audioslave
  • I am Loco Performed by Ill Nino
  • Forever and a Day Performed by Ian Brown

Wrap up

I consider “Evidence of things unseen” a very good episode. I am glad that it features something as funny as an ape under suspicion of having committed a homicide. Speaking of apes, another amazing detail was informing the audience how to differentiate human and animal hair. Now, tell me, please what are your opinions regarding this episode, let’s chat in the comments.

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