What is Karma?

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! Nice to see you here again. Today I am pleased to introduce a guest post about Karma written by a great friend and talented blogger, Ashwathy Manimala from India.


Hello, Friends!
My name is Ashwathy Manimala. I am a Computer Science Engineer and Blogger from India. I own a blog named Blogging Hawks, where I share information on Blogging and Web Hosting.
After learning about the character named Calleigh Duquesne of CSI: Miami, we know how strongly the character believes in Karma and tries to act the way that the good Karma can come back to her.

What is Karma?

We all use this term ‘KARMA’ like Calleigh; either extremely often or barely like some of us or not at all. Whatever case it is, the fact is the majority of people are not familiar with the term Karma.
Being born in a Hindu family and well versed with my culture, I take this opportunity to write on karma offered my friend Joanna. I feel it is very necessary and important to help everyone understand well about karma.
Most of the people think Karma is negative. If something bad happens in your life it is said as karma. But the fact is karma is not negative, whereas it is the result of our previous action. This is the most complex topic as any other topics of spirituality. Karma means action, an action with its equivalent appearance after a period of time, based on one’s type of action but with the appearing time unknown.

Types of Karma

There are different types of Karma, known, generally speaking, as Good Karma and Bad Karma. If you have got an unexpected help in your tough times of life, then it is due to the Good Karma you have done in your past life or in this life. So does the Bad Karma work, if you have done something wrong in your previous life or in this life it will come back to you as something bad. Whereas, according to Indian Gurus, the types of Karma are Sakarma, Vikarma, and Akarma.
Sakarma denotes that action of doing good deeds and expecting good karma as result. Where else Vikarma denotes the bad action or the bad karma and its results are negative. Akarma is a state to help you get rid of karma by devoting yourself to the service of God.

How to devote yourself to the service of God?

By involving in prayer sessions without selfish motives, just connect yourself to God. First forgive yourself, ask God to bless you to always stay pure in thoughts. Read holy books as they are best guides to living life in a better way. Chant prayers to stop all that disturbing thoughts in your mind and let your mind focus on to the Lord. By doing above you are allowing to free yourself from the bond of karma and devoting yourself to the service of Lord.

Why you should free yourself from Karma and devote yourself to the service of Lord?

Everyone is in the race to gain fame, name, and money to have a rich life. But in this race, our minds get contaminated with different emotions. We may get lost in this race and end up being disappointed or depressed. This happens because we are attracted towards a lot of materialistic things and we are not focused on our work.
If you want to succeed you need to give your best in your work and learn to work without worrying about anything, God is that positive energy we seek to survive in this world peacefully. So, if we start devoting little time every day in chanting prayers or reading holy books, we are connecting with the lord and allowing the positive vibes to get into our mind and heal all our sufferings. Daily practice will help you heal with time and be a self-content person who is not attracted towards materialistic things, instead, better understands life and can be good at everything they do.


Thank you for a very nice and detailed explanation of the term, Ashwathy. I hope that the article made the topic a bit clearer for the people coming from the other cultures. Now I will leave the topic open to the readers. Please tell us in the comments about your experience with Karma. Maybe you have your own definition of this term? Feel free to share your opinions and give us further questions.

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