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Khandi Alexander acting the coroner Alexx Woods
Dr Alexx Woods

Hello CSI: Miami Maniacs! Nice to see you again after a small break for posting submitted guest articles. I hope you liked them but it is high time we went back on track with episodes related discussions. Today I would like to discuss the examples of social inequality in Simple Man.


Simple Man Plotline

As always, let’s start with a short episode storyline to recall what was it about. However, I think that a real CSI Maniac would remember it by heart.

Toward the beginning of the trial of Lorenzo Escalante, spouse of city councilor Mercedes, for the murder of their similarly Cuban housemaid Carmen Abregon, Horatio delays affirming while the hurriedly summoned group critically looks at another corps. It’s Bonita Cruz, another Latina housekeeper. Someone enlisted and shot her in the very same way, just while Lorenzo was in police guardianship. It would appear that a copycat or a genuine serial executioner, however, neither one of the theories works out, while the trail prompts the Escalante’s dedicated lawyer and companion, Carl Galaz.

Fun facts

There are three facts important to mention speaking of Simple Man. First of all, this is the episode that gained an Emmy award for Best Series Cinematography. Secondly, in Simple Man, we acknowledge a new character that is Yelina Salas.

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself without even mentioning the producers’ silly failure in terms of small details. During the shooting scene, we see a car window supposed to shutter from a gunfire. However, there is no slug opening in the glass. Funny, huh?

Issues featured in the episode

OK, guys,  enough laughing for now. Let’s talk about something serious.

I consider Simple Man one of the best season 1 episodes. One of the main reasons for the judgment is that it shows the problem of social inequality. Just hard for me to watch how the value of a person is being diminished just because of belonging to the racial minority.

I think it is high time that we stood up for the rights of any minorities no matter in which country we are. bullying, violating or even killing just due to racial intolerance is just not acceptable so let’s not hesitate to say NO. People are people, no matter the race and we are equal.

To sum it up I would like to give a huge shout out to all my international friends and blog readers I don’t personally know. Peace and love to you all, lovelies.

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